Sunday, September 28, 2014


As most of you know, my original art sales for the past several years have been handled by my good pal Randy Martin's company, Mighty Nib Art Sales.  Randy made the decision not too long ago that it was time for him to phase out his art sales business, and so released all of his artists into the wild...

Well, I'm pleased to announce that from here on out, my original art sales and personal appearances will now be handled none other than Jason Schachter of ESSENTIAL SEQUENTIAL!

Very proud to be included in an outstanding roster of represented artists-- people like Dan Panosian, Amy Reeder, Andrew Robinson, Fiona Staples, Dave Johnson, Mark Chiarello, Dustin Nguyen, Eric Canete, Klaus Janson, Matteo Scalera, Sean Gordon Murphy, Tim Sale, Ramon Perez, Peter Nguyen, Elia Bonetti, Mark Irwin, Mindy Lee, Juanjo Guarnido... a hell of a list, right?

My first official appearance as part of the Essential Sequential lineup will be in just a couple of weeks at New York Comic Con:


And we're making plans for 2015, so if you want me to come to your store or to your con, or if you see some art I've done that you want, check in with Jason.  He's Essential.