Saturday, January 25, 2014

Long Time, No Update!

Hi, everyone, Happy 2014!

Checking in after what seems like a long absence here.  Apologies, but life had-- and has-- a way of intruding.  I've had a LOT going on: A cross-country move, some health issues here and there, dealing with some of the Texas flooding of 2013 and subsequent home repairs... all thankfully over with.  And suddenly, the holidays.  All the time I've been working, and I just haven't have the time to update here.  I'm going to try and change that, and make this a place where I not only post news about myself, but also a place to express myself a little more.  Some art here and there, some anecdotal stuff.  I can't commit to a posting schedule, per se, but I'll make an effort to liven this thing up a little more often, I promise.

For the time being, I have a really big project on my plate-- something I've never attempted before.  You'll all be finding out more in the next few months, but know that I'm excited and scared.  I'm scarecited. ;)

Also, it's probably a good idea to clue you all in on the current state of my con schedule for this year:

Cully Hamner 2014 Con Schedule

1.      Sci-Fi Expo, Dallas, TX – Feb. 7/8 
2.      MegaCon, Orlando, FL – March 21-23 
3.      WonderCon, Anaheim, CA – April 18-20 
4.      C2E2, Chicago, IL – April 25-27 
5.      Heroes Con, Charlotte, NC – June 20-22 
6.      Baltimore Comic Con, Baltimore, MD – September 5-7 
7.      New York Comic Con, NYC – October 9-12
We'll talk again soon!

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