Tuesday, February 26, 2013


This weekend, in Seattle, WA, I'll be appearing at the amazing and wonderful EMERALD CITY COMICON!  My panel schedule is this:

Friday 3/1
4-5pm PANEL (DC Entertainment – ALL ACCESS - HALL B (608-610) (Note: DC asked me to appear on this panel a couple of weeks back, but given that it's premature to announce or discuss what projects I'm currently working on, they've wisely given me a chance to opt out. Sitting up there with nothing to talk about wouldn't make much sense, would it?  So, my chair will be filled by another!)
Saturday 3/2
          5-6pm SIGNING (DC Entertainment - booth 1908)
Sunday 3/3

3-4pm PANEL (Art Masters: Drawing DC - HALL B 608-610)

I imagine I'll also be signing at the DC booth, but I don't yet know when.  When I do, I'll post it up here ASAP.  And as always, times are subject to last-minute change, so watch this space, just in case.

Also, you'll be able to find me in Artist's Alley at table C-01 with a ton of original art, and I'll be there drawing and talking to folks.  Please come by and say hello!  I'll be the guy with the banner you see below: