Friday, June 29, 2012

Kickstarter Campaign For Heroes Con Documentary!

Okay, this is awesome. As most of you know, I'm a big proponent of Heroes Con (and my buddy Shelton Drum). I sat for an interview for this doc, and I think it's a worthwhile thing. Give, please.

Heroes Doc: The the story of the the 30th Anniversary of the Heroes Convention.

We are telling the story of Shelton Drum, owner of Heroes Aren't Hard to Find, who has been hosting the Heroes Convention for 30 years. It's the story of a man whose love of comics has brought some of the greatest names in the industry to Charlotte, in order to bring the fans closer to the people who create their favorite stories.

The Heroes Doc tells the story of how this spectacular convention started as a hotel conference room and has grown to be one of the largest independent comic book conventions in the nation. We tell the story of the store, the convention, and all the people that make it possible!

During the 30th Anniversary Heroes Convention we will be filming for our documentary covering the convention. We have been following the Heroes team since last August; learning the day-to-day operations, watching as they set-up for special events, and looking at all of the behind the scenes action as they prepare for this year's convention.

We have been filming this story for the past 8 months and need your help to make our dream into a reality! We are asking for $10,000. We this need this amount to cover costs for editing and scoring the documentary; as well as, visual effects for the finished documentary.

The great thing about Kickstarter is that not only do you help create something amazing, you also can get great prizes and rewards. We have teamed up the the Heroes crew and artist from the convention to give away tickets to next years convention, production credit for the movie, and original art that you will not find anywhere else!

We have some amazing original art from major comic artist/writers who will be featured in the film. So check back to this page frequently to snatch up rewards from some of your favorite personalities in the comic book industry.

If you have any questions Tweet us at @HeroesDoc or fire off an email to

Thanks for all your support and have a great time during the convention!

-Matt & Jere

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