Wednesday, February 9, 2011

RED: EYES ONLY Now Available For iPad!

RED :EYES ONLY #1, the prequel comic I wrote and drew as a companion to Warren's and my original RED series (which in turn, of course, spawned a hit film just out on DVD and Blu-Ray), is now available for iPhone and iPad from DC Digital and Comixology.

Make with the clickie!


Artwork of the Whiz said...

So RED 2 is in development eh?

Also finally picked up The Question tpb and thought it was quite good. It was a little weird seeing Question who seems very grounded and non-spandexy teaming up with the Huntress who is by all accounts very spandexy... Outside of that pretty excellent read. One question though, how does the whole mask, poof of smoke thing work?

Cully Hamner said...

Thank you muchly! As to the gas, this should explain: