Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In With The New.

You may notice a new look on the blog here. Not sure if it's permanent, but since we're in a new year and a new decade, and since all the RED hoopla and related projects have come and gone, I decided to do something a little less, well, red. Obviously, the background is, for the moment, from my RED prequel, RED: Eyes Only, but as I'm cleared to talk about my next project, I'll be updating the look of this place. And I'll be sure to show some new stuff here and there, and maybe even talk more about my process.

Anyway, as far as what's up with me lately:

1) You can still get RED: Eyes Only at comics shops. It's basically some added backstory to the original RED, my 2003 comic with Warren Ellis, which was recently loosely adapted into a hit film with Bruce Willis. It's also one of the rare occasions that I've also written what I've drawn. It was nerve-wracking, but also fun. I'm variously told it'll show up digitally at some point on Comixology; that it's possibly going to be included as a printed preview in the packaging of the RED DVD; and that it might be included in some later collected edition of the original mini... but I have nothing firm on any of that. Keep your eye out, though.

I do know that it will be collected in April with the film-continuity prequels in a trade paperback called RED: BETTER R.E.D. THAN DEAD. While I think it'll probably lead to even more confusion as to what continuity it belongs to (FYI, it's a prequel to the comic and doesn't have much to do with the film), I'm gratified that DC is doing what it can to keep it in print.

2) I was flattered to see that Jeff Lemire and I were named as a "dream team" Blog@Newsarama would like to see tackle the original Captain Marvel character. It's nothing official, of course, but my love for that character dates back to when I was around five or so. It would be a dream job for me to be able draw him professionally, especially if he's being written by a guy like Jeff. So, thanks, Newsarama.

3) Something you probably don't know is that I was recently asked to extend my exclusive contract with DC, and I did. DC's an exciting place to be right now, as you might imagine, and I'm looking forward to another two years of fun projects.

That's all I can think of for now, but if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them in the talkback below.


aris said...

Very cool. I know you have projects in the works. I am dying to hear what your next project is. I am glad you are staying DC personally I love the creativity and risk taking being done there...particularly in this market and after a year of powerful shake ups.

I wish you the best this year man. Your such a damn good artist and cool dude.

As for Captain Marvel, I find it odd that that would be out there. I mean isn't CM off the table for Johns? Either way...I would buy 2 copies. I would probably buy 10 if you relaunched Deathstroke. ;)

Your pal. Aris

Sarena Shasteen - The Non-Dairy Queen said...

I love the design! I am so happy for you and all the exciting things you have going on! Congrats on extending the exclusive!

Craig Zablo said...

Excellent news. Congrats again!

Cully Hamner said...

@Aris: As I understand it, there are plans afoot for The World's Mightiest Mortal. Now, does that mean that projects outside continuity aren't possible? Have no idea, but it's moot, at this point. There's no Captain Marvel project in the offing for me. I just have always loved the character and would love the chance. The Newsarama ting certainly couldn't hurt, but people have to go over there and comment where the powers that be might see it.

Thankee, Sarena-bean, and Craig!

Brian said...

Will that Question tpb be showing up in stores soon? I thought it was solicited a couple months ago...

Cully Hamner said...

@Brian: It was. It comes out next week.

Brian said...

Excellent news! Thanks for the info Cully.