Thursday, February 18, 2010

DC's New Executive Team: DiDio, Lee, & Johns

Okay, so I know how lame I am. I've repeatedly sworn to be better at updating this blog and posting more art. I've just been incredibly busy, and during what little non-work time I've had, I'm just mush. Hopefully, I can make good on my repeated promises soon.

Anyway, the BIG news today-- in comics, anyway-- is that Dan DiDio and Jim Lee have both been named as Paul Levitz's successors as Co-Publishers of DC Comics, and that Geoff Johns has been named as Chief Creative Officer. And you know what? I think it's good news. They're all three pretty great guys-- and although I'd say it's Dan I know best, both Jim and Geoff have never been anything but the nicest of guys to me, and they're impressive creative talents to boot. Also, I think it's pretty cool and rare that we have an artist as a publisher. Correct me if I'm wrong, but DC hasn't had that since... what, Carmine Infantino, over thirty years ago?

So, congrats to all three guys. With Dan, Jim, and Geoff running the joint, it's going to be fun for everybody.