Tuesday, December 22, 2009

TREK's Urban in RED?

Mania.com (via MTV) thinks so:

'Star Trek' Actor Karl Urban To Join 'Red'?
by Blair Marnell

Director Robert Schwentke’s adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner’s “Red” already boasts an impressive lineup of stars including Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, John C. Reilly and Mary-Louise Parker. However, a report has surfaced naming Karl Urban as the latest addition to the cast.

According to Mania.com, Urban will portray a character named “Cooper.” The report also states that Julian McMahon will play the Vice President of the United States and that Ernest Borgnine and Richard Dreyfuss have officially signed on to the film — reiterating an earlier report of their involvement.

Urban is well known among genre fans for his roles in “The Chronicles of Riddick”, “The Lord of the Rings” series and his turn as Doctor McCoy in last summer’s “Star Trek.” If the report is confirmed, then “Red” will be Urban’s second comic book related film of 2010 following the release of “Priest.”

Originally published in 2003 as a three-issue miniseries by Wildstorm, “Red” follows a retired black ops agent as he is targeted for assassination by his former agency.

Much has been written about Schwentke’s “lighter” approach for the adaptation of “Red” . However, Ellis recently spoke out about why the decisions were made to change the tone and expand the story with a larger cast of characters.

“Red” is scheduled to begin shooting next month with a recently announced release date of October 22, 2010.

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