Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hoeber Talks RED

Screenwriter Erich Hoeber on the film version of RED over at Cinefools:

BG: It seems Red is gaining momentum, is the script finished for the film? and how would you describe the script you've written?

EH: The script is done and we may start production pretty soon. Summit just hired a fantastic director, Robert Schwentke - who most recently did The Time Traveller's Wife - and we're trying to round out the cast. Red is an action comedy with a lot of really meaty character parts and a lot of heart. The tone's a bit like Butch and Sundance. Both dramatic and comedic at the same time.

BG: It's been announced that Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman have signed on to star in the film do they fit the characters you've written?

EH: They're really perfect. And the studio's making offers to other actors of that caliber, so there may be more big announcements soon.

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BasicNoir said...

So did he read the comic or did he assume that the movie was based on the color red and open for intense reinterpertation?