Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Director Talks RED...

From MTV:

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Schwentke's 'Red' Adaptation To Be A 'Funny' Take On Warren Ellis' Story

by Brian Warmoth

Negotiations between Robert Schwentke and Summit Entertainment must have gone well, because the "Time Traveler's Wife" director has confirmed his status onboard their film adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner's WildStorm miniseries "Red." And by his own admission, the project will be a much lighter vision of the source material.

In fact, the new movie starring Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis could turn out to be more of a comedy than Ellis originally envisioned.

"I love the script," Schwentke said told MTV News. "It's very funny, which the comic book isn't."

Humor might not be the only difference between the comic and movie if the script Schwentke saw makes it into production.

"It's not as violent as the comic book," the director explained. However, he was quick to add that the espionage elements of the revised tale first attracted him to the property.

"I like switching gears and this is a movie that allows me to do something lighthearted in tone and is also an action movie," he said.

The director called the alterations necessary, at least in part, due to the length of the three-issue miniseries about an ex-CIA agent being chased by a high-tech assassin.

"The script that I've read is obviously different from the comic, because i don't think the comic gives you enough for a two-hour movie," he said.

Both lead actors in "Red" have had experience straddling genres between comedy and action, though, so Schwentke should have able talent to work with.

"Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis are definitely signed on for it," he clarified. "Morgan plays Joe, and Bruce Willis is the main character, Frank."

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