Friday, July 24, 2009

Forest For The Trees ***UPDATED With Some DETECTIVE News from San Diego

Comic-Con International

It's interesting staying home from Comic-Con International once in a while. I see all the hype, all the announcements, all the buzz-- everything on my computer right here in my office at the studio.

When I actually am at the con, right in the middle of it, at the epicenter of the buzz... I don't hear shit. Not a thing. It's just a blur of drawing, signing, lunches, dinners, meetings-- everything I deal with really only pertains to my own experience and career. Outside of getting to meet the odd celebrity here or there, it's only outside the con do I get the lowdown of the show.

This year, at least, I feel pretty good about staying home. I think I'm getting more out of it!


Was checking out Newsarama's live-blog of the Batman: New Dynamic panel in San Diego, and just noticed the following:

"Rucka then announced that after seven issues with Williams, Jock (of The Losers fame) will come on board for three issues. Following that, the Question backups will move to the front of the book for a time, with either Williams or Jock drawing a 10-page Batwoman Second Feature. Then Williams (and Kate Kane) will come back to the front of the book."

So, I guess that's out there now! Not sure of the issue numbers, but stay tuned. And if anything else is announced regarding 'TEC via a panel in San Diego, I'll definitely let you know here.


Actual quotes from the Bat-Panel, this time from CBR:

"When recent JH Williams pages for DETECTIVE was brought up, Rucka looked to the audience and announced, 'If you picked up 854 ... it's unbelievable, but it gets better looking [than that]. I think JH is changing the form. He's changing the language of comics with this.' According to Rucka, In DETECTIVE COMICS #858, the artist's style will change dramatically. 'You won't believe it's still JH on the book,' he says. 'You're really going to like it.' 'The Question' goes to ten pages (per issue) as of issue #858. Cully will still be on art with Dave (McCaig) on color.

Asked about the co-features, the crowd responded with enthusiasm."


"Rucka: ...We are seven issues in. You're getting seven issues of JH uninterrupted. We're doing three issues with Jock from 861. In 864, Cully will do twenty pages of Question and Jock or JH will do ten pages of Kate leading into the end of JH's final five issues (returning to the front of the book). I'm loving it. It's great. This is the best job in the world."

Yes, you read right: Dave McCaig will be stepping in on The Question as of 'TEC #857, replacing my studiomate, Laura Martin. What's up with Laura, you ask? Well, the answer, my friend is over on Newsarama: Laura Martin Signs Exclusive With Marvel!

Sad as I am to lose her from doing any work with me for a while, I know it's the right move for her. Hell, I still get to hang out with her every day and see what she's working on before anyone else even knows about it!

And if I can't work with La Colorista anymore, how great is it that Dave McCaig of the Clan McCaig is her replacement? :)


Lan Pitts said...

You know, I never thought if it that way.

Lan Pitts said...


Yeah, right now I'm taking a break from all the SDCC news for a few hours. I've just been sensory overload.

Brian said...

Aw, man... no Laura over Cully. That's a shame but I'm happy for Laura and wish her continued and much deserved success!