Thursday, June 11, 2009

They Don't Make 'Em Like This Anymore...

So, growing up, I loved the original Star Trek, and also really liked its first sequel series, Star Trek: The Next Generation. After ST:TNG went off the air, I sort of fell out of the whole thing by and large, but the new film version has done a lot to rekindle what I loved about those characters in the first place.

Anyone who's enjoying the new Star Trek movie should take notice of actor Karl Urban's performance as Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy. It's not the biggest role in the movie, but it is a pretty nice tribute to the man that originated the character. Leonard Nimoy has said a number of times that Urban's introductory scene as the character moved him to tears in remembering DeForest Kelley.

Kelley died exactly ten years ago on June 11th, 1999, leaving behind legions of adoring fans-- many of whom he influenced to become doctors in real life-- and colleagues that have never, ever publicly said a bad word about him. He was an actor that, as director Nicholas Meyer said about him, "had a resume as long as your arm."

I always liked the character of Dr. McCoy, and I think that mostly had to with Kelley's warm portrayal. McCoy was Kirk's conscience, the irascible humanist of the show. His job as a character was to be the passionate counterpoint to Spock's cold reason. His job as an actor was to represent us, warts and all.

All due respect to Karl Urban-- he did a great job, and I hope he's given more of a chance to shine in future Trek films-- but they just don't make them like Kelley much anymore:


Lan Pitts said...

One of the best things going to LA for the first time for me, was going to the walk of fame and seeing the huge Trek piece.

Tony Shasteen said...

I STILL haven't seen it yet!!!