Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Couple Of Quick Bits

Yesterday, a box from DC showed up, and it turned out to be my comp copies of the new edition of RED. As you probably know, RED was a three-issue thriller by Warren Ellis and myself that Wildstorm released in 2003. You may also know that Summit Entertainment is planning to adapt it as a feature film, possibly starring Bruce Willis, and maybe even directed by Richard Donner if the stars align correctly.

I was never happy with the previous collection of the story, because it was paired with another Ellis-written series, TOKYO STORM WARNING, as sort of a flip book. There are a number of reasons why I thought this was a terrible idea-- if you catch me at a con, ask me and I'll tell you. In any case, with the film interest, it seems that Wildstorm has finally decided to do it up right.

RED: THE NEW EDITION features the original three-part series with the original covers, sketch material, Warren's first-issue script, my first-issue layouts, and a brand new cover by me. All that for fifteen bucks. Do me a favor and head out to your LCS on June 10th, and grab a copy, would you?


If anyone's interested, my pal Aris has a li'l ol' interview with me up at his "Aris Asks" blog. You'll want to go to there.


I've noticed that a number of "media outlets" (read: gossip mongers) are up in arms about the "cost to the taxpayers" of the Obamas' date night. Look, the President of the United States can't scratch his balls without incurring a "cost to the taxpayers," okay? It's part of being president. He has to, by law, travel by helicopter, motorcade, and jet everywhere he goes, accompanied by staff, advisers, and Secret Service, not to mention the White House Press Corps. Get over it. We can't expect them to hole up in the White House and never leave except for work purposes-- they are human beings. What we have here is a segment of the chattering class who are looking very hard for something to criticize. There's a lot going on these days, and there are very legitimate things one could criticize the Obama Administration about. This ain't one of 'em.

Or on the other hand, maybe we should be looking into the "cost to the taxpayers" of President Bush's 977 days of vacation...


rico said...

LOVE that new cover Cully!

Steven Wilcox said...

I hated the first trade, as well. I love Warren - but the book they paired with Red didn't fit. There were a bunch of Warren written minis that came out around that time - and they picked the one most-unlike your book... I thought Reload would've been a more logical choice...
Anyway, hope to be able to pick up one of the new trades at some point...

samax said...

great post. i can't WAIT to get my hands on that trade. Red is one of the best minis. it's perfect because of the simplicity of presentation.

no superfluous exposition.
no excessive dialogue.
no wasted lines.
just pure AWESOME!

and considering you're gonna be gunning for people with that Cully Hamner political commentary, i suggest "Please Hamner, Don't Hurt 'Em" for the blog title!

LOL! anyways, later!

Mark said...

Looking forward to getting this one man; you know I love that book. And great call out on Obama's date night- pretty ridiculous. Hope all is well with ya!

Rowan's Dad said...

I agree with Steven Wilcox...Reload would be a much better choice. As good as all three are, the crazy sci-fi story of Tokyo Storm Warning doesn't mesh well with the hard boiled, straight ahead action ride of Red. I'd have to say that that is one of the best, most complete stories Ellis has written, and your art told the story beautifully Cully.
Also, glad to see someone remembers all of W's vacation time. Looking at the media coverage recently, you would have thought that Bush never left the Oval Office, not even to sleep, eat or defecate, with the pilloring Obama took for taking his lovely wife out on a date.

Cully Hamner said...

RELOAD would have been a better choice than TSW-- I even said that at the time-- if the only choice were to do flip books. But my real suggestion at the time was to do exactly what they're doing now: Present it on its own with supplemental material. See, the RED mini sold a lot more than TOKYO STORM WARNING did. I felt like most of the people that bothered to buy the trade would've been buying it for RED rather than TSW. A RED TPB on its own probably would have sold close to what the RED/TSW book did, while a TSW solo trade probably wouldn't have. So it felt a lot like I was having to split my royalties with other artists.

It took five years and a movie deal, but they finally decided it was worth releasing it close to the way I originally suggested. I owe a lot of thanks to Hank Kanalz and Ben Abernathy at WS; they always believed in it.

Live for films said...

Red was a great series. I'll definitely be picking up that new collection of it.

Great blog by the way