Monday, June 15, 2009


From USAToday:

Superman to leap off these pages

Flying defiantly into a digital world, DC Comics will launch a weekly series of superhero comic strips next month, printed on full-size newspaper pages like the old-fashioned Sunday funnies.

The 12-week return to newsprint, called Wednesday Comics, makes its debut at comic-book stores July 8 and will offer 15 different stories for $3.99 in a broadsheet format, 14 inches by 20 inches. (New comic books are released across the USA on Wednesdays.)

Creators include John Arcudi and Lee Bermejo on Superman, Brian Azzarello on Batman, Adam and Joe Kubert on Sgt. Rock, Paul Pope on Adam Strange, Dave Gibbons on Kamandi, Kyle Baker on Hawkman and a pairing of Neil Gaiman and Michael Allred on the obscure hero Metamorpho.

All 12 weeks of the Superman strip will appear in USA TODAY as well, beginning July 8 with a full-page installment in the newspaper. The remaining 11 Superman strips will be available each Wednesday at

"There's a certain romance to the history of the big old Sunday funnies that I wanted to try to recapture in Wednesday Comics," says DC art director Mark Chiarello. "Why not dust off the format and have a little fun?"

*It's also worth noting that that Wednesday Comics features a "Demon/Catwoman" strip written by the legendary Walt Simonson and illustrated by my longtime studiomate, Brian Stelfreeze. Go and buy it. --CH


Cunningham said...

Now if only it were as thick as the LA WEEKLY...

But anything that gets people reading comics again.

Oh and please, DC - sell this at the local newsstand! You know - like newspapers??? Put this in the hands of folks that don't normally read comics, but do read the newspaper.

Everyone buy a copy of this and let's make it succeed. We need to try new formats that are less expensive and broaden comics readership.

(stepping off his soapbox)

Mark said...

That Kamandi story is illustrated by Ryan Sook, and looks fricking AMAZING. Definitely something to check out...

Rowan's Dad said...

I love that DC is experimenting with style and content...Mark Chiarello should be allowed to do anything that comes into his mind. I loved Solo and I expect Wed. Comics to be just as good...
and Catwoman/Demon w/art by Stelfreeze? and a story by Walt? How fun does that sound!